5 Jul 2015


The Greek people voted resoundingly against the imposition of yet more austerity today. A great day for democracy.

Neoliberal governments are creating and exploiting systematic misrepresentations of the economics to gain leverage over citizens. For example. A lot of people keep talking about German tax payers bailing out Greece as though their taxes are being sent to Greece. They are not. The German taxpayers have not spent a single cent on Greece. Indeed they have profited from the crisis through interest payments on the outrageous loans foisted on Greece. The money going to keep Greece afloat has been printed by the ECB. It was created especially for this purpose. And in fact 90% of the money loaned to Greece so far has gone directly to French and German banks. So what is happening is that the ECB is using Greece as a proxy to bail out it's own banks. And blaming the Greeks for being lazy or recalcitrant. Not only a lie, but a mendacious conspiracy to deceive and defraud.

All of last week the ECB and the head of the IMF were illegally campaigning for the removal of the rebelling but honest government, in the hope that they could get the dishonest but compliant government back.

But Syriza have turned this around and the new IMF report backs them up. I am gladdened to see Neoliberalism lose a major battle (since they don't seem to acknowledge things like global economic meltdown as a problem). A victory for the people.

Now bring on debt relief for Greece. And for the poor everywhere!

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