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As a verb it can mean 'forgive, have mercy on, let off, or give something extra; as an adjective is can mean rich, or plentiful.
This page is put together by a non-Economist. I heard Steve Keen being interviewed on Radio 4 and found him saying something a bit different. So I started reading some of his blog, and watching YouTube clips. And I became convinced that what Steve is saying is vitally important.

Steve is not the only economist who predicted the beginning of the Second Great Depression, but he is acknowledged by his peers to be the first, and one of the most cogent and articulate. Some key words and phrases will be repeated throughout this blog. 

  • Global Financial Collapse
  • Second Great Depression
  • Debt financed demand
  • Ponzi scheme
  • Gambling on asset prices
  • Debt bubble
  • Private debt.
  • Modern Debt Jubilee
  • Dishonourable debt should not be honoured
In a way this is part of what makes Steve's message easy to grasp, and one hopes easy to sell. It's so well thought out!

If we don't do something we're in for a miserable few decades.

Other Economists I'm becoming interested in:

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