5 Jul 2015

Greece vs the Neoliberals.

The struggle over the economy of Greece, with the elected government on one hand, and the powerful unelected Neoliberal organisations, the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund on the other, along with the quasi democratic European Commission, is gripping stuff. I so want to see the Greeks take back control - even though this will not provide a miracle cure. I so want to see the tide of Neoliberalism turn!

Greece's finance minister at  London Conference of 1953
signing a treaty agreeing to cancel 50% of Germany's debt 

There have been some excellent articles on Greece and Europe recently. Amongst my favs are
  • Frances Coppola. (3.7.2015) The Road To Grexit. Forbes.
  • Frances Coppola. (29.6.2015) The Day The Euro Died. Forbes.
  • Alex Andreou JUNE 30, 2015. Where is My European Union? Sturdy Blog
  • Alex Andreou. (03 July 2015) How Europe Played Greece. Byline

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