12 Feb 2018


Capitalism works best when capital is invested in enterprises that employ workers; and when workers are well paid and spend their wages on goods and services. It is a potentially symbiotic relationship.

Low wages and employment practices that are detrimental to productivity and the health of workers are anti-capitalist.

Treating labour as a cost of doing business, rather than as partners in creating profit is anti-capitalist.

Accumulation of uninvested capital is anti-capitalist.

Investments that do not create jobs are anti-capitalist (i.e. gambling on the future price of property, commodities, or currencies).

Removing protections and degrading governance so as to allow fraud and malfeasance on a massive scale is anti-capitalist.

So whatever has been happening as a result of the Neoliberal revolution is not capitalism. It's profoundly anti-capitalist.

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