23 Mar 2015

Party Time

The 2015 UK elections are approaching and people are trying to decide who they'll vote for. One way to find out which party represents our ideas is to do a quiz. One which looks quite comprehensive is The Political Compass. The Political Compass profile of the various political parties (in several countries now) gives us a pretty good idea of where they stand.

Their research confirms my intuitions of what's happened in the UK over the last few decades. The whole country had drifted to the right and towards authoritarianism. Indeed the major parties in the last election all contested the same political-economic quadrant as this diagram of the 2010 Election shows:

For the 2015 election they show the parties present positions as these:

The LibDems have drifted back into their original lower-right quadrant. Tories are towards the right of their usual territory (probably influenced by UKIP who are the most right party - note the comparison with the BNP who are centrist-authoritarian).

The author of this blog is to the left of and on the same vertical level as the Greens. Take the Political Compass test.

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