11 Dec 2013

Sack The Economists


The disastrous flaws in mainstream economics and how economics can serve our total wellbeing.

This book looks very promising and is endorsed by Steve Keen amongst others. The author begins with what we know. Economists did not understand the global economic crisis or it's causes - and witness the fact that they are now setting up the same conditions. The argument that economists don't know what they are talking about is painfully obvious to everyone outside the profession it seems, but even well presented arguments have no effect on the juggernaut of the "free" market.
"Well, I think it’s clear we can’t be too subtle.  We need to speak in plain English, to everyone, and get straight to the point.  Economists don’t know what they’re talking about.  We should remove economists from positions of power and influence.  Get them out of treasuries, central banks, media, universities, where ever they spread their baleful ignorance." - Geoff Davies.
Publishers are offering a free download of the Kindle edition for Dec 10-11.

Website: http://sacktheeconomists.com/buy/ also available via Amazon.com (Amazon UK simply redirects you to .com)

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