21 Jun 2012

David Cameron in La La Land

"David Cameron has denied the UK is in a 1930s-style slump, but said more will be done to get the economy moving."

"Frankly Britain needs to roll up its sleeves and do everything we can to get our economy moving."

-- BBC 
The question is, why is Cameron being such a Pollyanna? It may be that he is worried about confidence levels as the country palpably fails to come out of "recession" five years down the track, and Europe teeters on the brink.

Or maybe he thinks that Europe is not so bad? Obvious the bank bail-out strategy worked so well here, that it's only a matter of time before Greece and Spain are right as rain... no wait, that's right, it didn't work for us... because of private debt.

Cameron is looking more like Neville Chamberlain every day, don't you think?

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