Steve Keen

Professor Steve Keen is the reason this blog exists.

In 1995 he warned that the period of economic stability we were in could not last, that it was unnatural in a complex non-linear system. Again in December 2005 Steve saw Australian private debt growing exponentially and then saw the trend elsewhere such as the USA. He began to speak out publicly, trying to draw attention to this important fact and parallels to the First Great Depression of the 1930s. Sadly he was ignored and the Global Financial Collapse proceeded unchecked.

In 2010 Steve received a Revere (as in Paul Revere) Award from the Real World Economics Review. He... "has been judged the economist who first and most cogently warned the world of the coming Global Financial Collapse".  While not the only one to see the crisis coming Steve is extremely good at articulating the nature of the problem, and what solutions to it would look like. All in ways that can be understood by anyone.

However Steve is not simply populist. His work involves creating mathematical models for the economy that more accurately reflect the real economy. He is also developing some economic modelling software called Minsky, after his great inspiration Hyman Minsky, which will help people to better understand how to model economies without having to get into complex differential calculus. There is rigour behind the catch phrases and aphorisms.

Personally I am inspired by his vision and his ideas. I think they would be easy to sell as political policies and I want to lobby politicians to consider Steve's ideas. I suspect that the traditional left will find them more appealing, and my own politics are leftish, but at this stage the situation is so urgent that I'd vote for anyone who adopted such policies.

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